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12 Amazing Paper Map by Karen O’Leary

Karen M. O’Leary is an artist and architect from Charlotte, NC. Her childhood was spent in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, until it was time for college at Virginia Tech, where she studied Architecture. After graduating, she created a larger version (6 feet x 8 feet) of Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Images of that impressive mapcut began to be more and more popular online, and the response was far greater than she could possibly imagine.

“A map is much more than just a navigational tool. It can also serve as a reminder of where we have been and where we aspire to go”

  1. Berlin

2. Baltimore

3. Madrid

4. Boston

5. Paris

6. London

7. Rome, Italy

8. Montereal, Quebec

9. Singapore

10. San Francisco, California

11. Toronto, Ontario

12. Vancouver

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