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12 Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements


From books on quitting smoking, to patches, chewing gums and hypnosis, these anti-smoking ads find their niche. Sure, smokers are aware of the damage their habit causes, but to finally quit, that extra push is usually needed. And that push might come in the form of these innovative anti-smoking ads. Here we bring you some of the best ads ever created. Hopefully, they can help you to make the first step. Do you think these ads work? Tell us your quitting-smoking stories in the comments.

1. You Light Up You Die

ToroVazquezMora / Fischer America, Colombia

2. Smoking Isn’t Just Suicide. It’s Murder

3. Cigarettes Smoke People

4. What We See When You Smoke


5. Smoker And Passive Smoker

6. “It’s called suicide because it’s your choice.”

Mercury 360, Bucharest, Romania | Published: December 2008

7. Tobacco Teeth

8. More Information


9. Second-Hand Smoking

10. Cemetery

11. Get to Heaven Earlier

Serviceplan, Munchen/Hamburg, Germany

12. Smoking Causes Premature Aging

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