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12 Great DIY Furnitures Made With Clothes Hangers

If we have old clothes hangers in our house, the first thing that comes to our minds is to get rid of them as soon as possible. What we’re going to do is not to throw them in the trash, but to use them as a new furniture.

There Are Many Options

We can use the clothes hangers as a household item that will help us a lot. There are many options that we can apply to this process. According to the needs of our house, we can select one and immediately proceed to construction.

1- Coffee Table

2- Stylish Lamp

3- Using the Strap Hook

4- Mini Bookshelf

5- Jewelry Hanger

6- Dish Rack

7- Magazine Rack

8- Stylish Shelf

9- Shoe Shelf

10- Table Lamp

11- Cool Table

12- Multifunctional Hanger

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