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12 Ice Cream Shops with Impressive Design

The summer is coming and ice cream shops are opening their doors one by one to their customers. In recent years, the ice cream shops, which are also open in winter, attract attention with their brand new and interesting designs.

Designs to Fall in Love at First Sight

With a small shop and a successful interior design, it is possible to attract hundreds of customers a day. The important thing is to make the customer fall in love with the shop at first sight.

1- Parlor Cafe – Prague, Czech Republic

2- Gelatoscopio – Mexico City, Mexico

3- Pannelatte – Palma, Spain

4- Soft Touch – Medellin, Colombia

5- Sweet Salvation – Dubai, UAE

6- Rocambolesc – Girona, Italy

7- Ampersand – Bangkok, Thailand

8- Veganista – Vienna, Austria

9- Ah-chu Ice Cream & Churros – Gimp, South Korea

10- El Malagueño – Cadiz, Spain

11- Eyescream and Friends – Barcelona, Spain

12- Lodowato – Katowice, Poland

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