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12 Successful Guerrilla Marketing Practices


It is not easy to be successful in the advertising sector. You may need to sit down and think a lot more to make the most effective advertisement at the cheapest price. If you want to engage in creative advertising to influence communities, then you need to review street advertising known as guerilla marketing.

This impressive advertising style, which first began on the walls of the building many years ago, now extends to bus stops, parking areas, walkways and even beaches. Many advertising agencies around the world come up with amazing ideas to please their customers…


Describing the style of the car, this advertisement was built in the middle of a car parking area. The message of the ad is as important as where it is. This ad in a car park will attract the attention of many drivers.


The use of similar objects as a means of advertising is another successful method. Here, the phone booth and the juice bottle were used together to create a successful and impressive advertisement.


One of the most successful ways to advertise a camera is to take photos. However, it will be very difficult for customers to do this and ensure that your ad is spread all over the world. It’s possible to do this with this simple and ingenious idea.


Bus stops have always been one of the best spots to advertise. One of the successful advertisements at bus stops with high potential …


Promoting your product on a completely different object is also known as another impressive advertising method. With the successful implementation of this method, very effective results can be obtained.


On a crowded beach there is always a need for cooling and a shower. Here’s a great idea …







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