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Category: architecture

Next time you complain your home/apartment/condo is too small, think about the occupants of 128 Day Avenue, a property near Dufferin and Rogers Road. With a footprint of just 29 square metres, the house is officially the smallest in the city. It was built by Aurthur Weeden in 1912 on a narrow piece of land that the […]
The Leonardo Glass Cube created by 3deluxe is distinctive corporate architecture for the brand Leonardo. This integrative design concept is an interesting combination of architecture, interior designing and landscaping. One of the design features is the multi-layered composition of the building.  The glass façade of the building represents the passage to a hyper-naturalistic world with heightened aesthetic appeal. A […]
A dream which took 14 years to manifest, for which the work began in May 2005, and finally it was on April 28, 2007 that the exhibit opened in Schagen, Holland and people had the first look of Noah’s Ark Replica by Johan Huibers. The Ark of Noah, built by carpenter Johan Huibers, is a full-size replica of the […]
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