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Category: art

Rosanna Raljević Ceglar (also known as Niiro) a jewellery designer located in Croatia. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. On 2008 started experimenting with knitting wires in order to create jewellery pieces; “What inspired me was the nature around us, the organic structures and the micro-cosmos within each piece of nature […]
American artist Sonny Rolle is a Rhode Island sculptor who works with wire. These beautiful paintings and frames are all made entirely from strands of flexible, coated wire. The detail is amazing, considering the medium. I got hold of some free chicken wire, and I want to work with it for my final project. I […]
Japanese artist Sakae, based in Narita City creates hair ornaments known as kanzashi. Each intricate piece is handcrafted from resin with delicate brass wire around the edges and can take anywhere between 3 and 30 days to complete. The tradition of wearing Kanzashi began during the pre-historic Jōmon period (1000 BCE), when the Japanese believed that the pin rods held […]
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