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Muji, opened two new hotels in China last year. Inspired by the company’s belief that simplicity is not only modest or frugal, but more attractive than luxury, these minimalist structures emphasize quality. Muji opened a new hotel in Tokyo called Hotel Ginza which is much better than their other buildings. Each of the 79 simply […]

12 Funny And Creative Doorstops

In design , interior
On March 22, 2019
When it comes to home decor, it’s not that easy to find items beautiful and functional for your apartment or house. Door stoppers are  really nice and useful things to prevent damaging nearby walls by the door or keeping the door open. Doorstops don’t get a lot of love Doorstops don’t get a lot of love as far as design […]
The dream of all office workers is to get some sleep in the office. Although some companies have realized this dream for their employees, the majority do not use this style of working. Working Performance Increases Some researchs proves that when we are tired while working, we can sleep a little while and work much […]
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