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Category: technology

Highsnobiety teamed up with Hong Kong-based watchmaker and design company Anicorn on an exclusive timepiece, and they joined forces with NASA on another limited edition watch to celebrate the space exploration program’s momentous 60-year anniversary. For six decades, NASA has led the peaceful exploration of space, making discoveries about our planet, our solar system, and our universe. At home, […]
People who grew up with Star Wars experience the George Lucas-imagined science fiction universe as exactly that, a universe. It isn’t just about movies or toys, or clothing and videos games. It’s about heroes, good, evil, hope, and of course, fantasy. Devon, an LA-based design team, has taken Darth Vader’s blacked-out style and infused it into this […]
Light painting is a photographic technique created by moving a hand-held light source, or the camera, to create images via a long exposure.  Artists experimented with the technique beginning in the early 20th century. Thirty-nine-year-old photographic artist Michael Bosanko has made these pictures, which have not been Photoshopped, using coloured torches at night in the same way […]
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