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Top 10 Craziest Plastic Surgeries to Look Like Someone Else

1.The woman who had 51 cosmetic surgeries to look like Egyptian Queen Nefertiti


Nileen Namita, a 49-year-old artist and mother of three from England, underwent 51 cosmetic surgeries to achieve her dream of looking like Queen Nefertiti. Spurred by her belief that she was Nefertiti, the sun-worshipping wife of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten — Namita has spanned more than 20 years and paid around £200,000 (approximately $360,000). The 51 surgeries, including eight nose jobs and three facelifts, have all been on her face, and there are additional nose and lip tweaks on the horizon. (Source)

2.The grandma who spent U$ 16,000 to look like Jessica Rabbit


57-year-old great grandmother Annette Edwards, spent £10,000 ($16,000 USD) to make her look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, from the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” According to her, she has always loved rabbits and wanted to appear like her fictional cartoon idol. Annette had her operations performed in London’s Harley Street – world famous for its cosmetic surgery clinics. Over a week surgeons carried out a number of procedures on her including a boob job, brow lift and £600 worth of Botox injections.

Edwards claims she has been contacted by Playboy about the possibility of a photo shoot. (Source)

3.The mother who had surgery just to look like her daughter


If you look to this picture you might think that Janet and Jane Cunliffe are twins. But they are not, they aren’t even sisters. They are mother and daughter! Janet spent more than $13,000 on plastic surgery in a desperate effort to bridge the 22-year age gap between herself and her daughter. They now have flowing blonde hair, hourglass figures and slender, toned legs. Mother and daughter both weigh in at 8st and, except for a couple of inches in height (at 5ft 6in, Jane is two inches taller) and different eye colors (Jane’s are brown, Janet’s are blue) they are virtually identical. (Source)

4.The twin sisters who paid £60,000 on surgery to look completely identical


Some identical twins do everything in tandem, from coming down with chickenpox to donning tutus for ballet lessons. But Jo and Kerry Burton have taken this fact to a whole new level. When Jo decided to have cosmetic surgery on her nose, Kerry followed suit. And since that day, the sisters have spent £60,000 on a host of operations – all carried out at the same time by the same doctors – to ensure they cannot be told apart. They even had to have their initials written on their bellies so the surgeon knew who was who. At age 34, they both have had a breast enlargement, eye-lift, permanent make-up tattoos and Botox jabs. (Source)

5.The Octuplet’s mom who wanted to look like Angelina Jolie


Nadya Suleman, the woman who recently gave birth to octuplets, is said to be morphing into Angelina Jolie. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, the similarities between Nadya and Angelina are uncanny, their brows are almost identical, and they both have nice smooth foreheads. Youn, who obviously has not treated Suleman, said the megamom appears to have undergone surgical procedures, including lip augmentation and rhinoplasty, which make her resemble Jolie. The similarities are more than skin deep. Both Suleman and Jolie are 33. Both are raising large broods of children (Angie’s is only up to six, but she says it’s still growing.)

Suleman denied speculation that she had plastic surgery to look like the Oscar winner. (Source)

6.The woman who underwent plastic surgery to look like her husband’s ex wife


A man in China has convinced his new wife to undergo plastic surgery so she could resemble his dead first wife. Zhao Gang, 32, from Chongqing city, China, lost his first wife in a car accident three years ago and now wants his new wife to look exactly like the dead one.

Zhao said he only got married because his new bride looks a bit like her and he wanted to have a chance to make up for his mistakes. Now, he wants his new bride to undergo plastic surgery so she would really resemble his dead wife. Fortunately for him, his second wife agreed to his suggestion. His unidentified wife told the newspaper, “I feel conflicted. I don’t want to become another’s shadow, but I also don’t want to lose the family. Now I only hope the surgery will not make me look ugly.” Zhao said, “Maybe it’s more or less unfair to her, but she has agreed and I will embrace her with all my love.” (Source)

7.The female impersonator who spent $ 16,000 to look like Michael Jackson


UK mother of three Miki Jay has proven that you don’t have to be black or even a male, to be a professional Michael Jackson impersonator. Jay has spent £8000 (about $16,000) on plastic surgery to look like Jackson, getting her nose, chin and cheeks remodeled. “Most people know I’m a woman but it doesn’t bother them,” says Jay, who claims to earn £120,000 ($240,000) a year as an impersonator. Mikki, 39, became obsessed with the King of Pop after winning a talent show in 1991.

8.The woman who beat the world record for most plastic surgeries to become a real-life Barbie


Former Bunny Girl Sarah Burge spent half a million pounds turning herself into a real-life Barbie doll. The 49-year-old housewife and beautician from St Neots, in Cambridgeshire has spent £539,500 transforming herself – breaking the world record previously held by American Cindy Jackson, who also wanted to be like the famous doll.

The half-million pound costs include: £32,000 to have her whole face lasered to remove a layer of skin to give it a more youthful look; £26,500 on perfecting her bust – including having it reduced and the nipples moved; £30,000 on keeping her jawline firm; nearly £15,000 on her tummy; and £14,000 on keeping her bottom pert. The mother-of-three has undergone more than 100 surgical and cosmetic treatments. Her passion for going under the knife started after she had reconstruction surgery on her face after being beaten up and left for dead. (Source | Photo)

9.The dying woman who spent £40,000 on plastic surgery to look like Demi Moore


A woman with an inoperable brain tumor is spending £40,000 on plastic surgery – so she can die looking like movie star Demi Moore. Lisa Connell, 29, will use the money her mom Angela had saved up for Lisa’s wedding to pay for her new look.

Despite being a stunning brunette, Lisa has never been happy with her appearance and is convinced the surgery will make her look as beautiful as Demi, who is no stranger to cosmetic surgery herself. In a race against time, Lisa will undergo liposuction, a breast enhancement and eyebrow lift, plus extra work on her skin and teeth to fulfill her dream.

Lisa was just 27 when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor known as meningioma.

10.The security guard who spent £3,500 so he could look like the DEVIL


Gavin Paslow, a 39-year-old security guard, spent £3,552 to fund operations to give himself a fangs, a forked tongue and horns. Paslow, who has changed his name to Diablo Delenfer, or devil from the inferno – carried out ‘body modifications’ to look more like Lucifer.

His transformation began with his bizarre ‘budding horns’ – two domed implants made from hard Teflon on either side of his forehead. The £200-a-piece operations, carried out by a specialist in Manchester, were done without anesthetic in early 2008 – and took a total of five hours. The same cosmetic surgeon carried out a further procedure, also without anesthetic, to ‘fork’ his tongue – which involved slicing it down the middle with a scalpel. He later had a final operation to make his ears pointed at the tips. The fangs were achieved by grinding down his canine teeth and attaching £560 permanent ceramic crowns to each one. He also has 29 tattoos covering most of his upper body. To finish off his demonic look, Paslow wears green lizard-style contact lenses and, on special occasions, a long undertakers’ tail coat combined with a frilly shirt.

The divorced father-of-two said his body is a work in progress and that he is not satanic but rather addicted to body modification. (Source)

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Top 10 Highest paid Hollywood Females 2015

1. Oprah Winfrey

Estimated earnings: $315 million

The Queen of All Media’s résumé is as impressive her income, thanks to a dizzying array of projects, including a magazine, radio channel, Website, TV specials and the final season of her top-rated talk show. Her Harpo production company, which spawned the careers of Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz, recently rolled out its latest franchise, The Nate Berkus Show. Come January the list’s top-earner will add the lifestyle-themed Oprah Winfrey Network, in partnership with Discovery Communications, to her media empire.

2. Beyoncé Knowles

Estimated earnings: $87 million

One half of the most famous couple in hip-hop (the other half: Jay-Z), Beyoncé continues to expand her business empire beyond music. Endorsement deals with companies ranging from Nintendo to L’Oréal and her growing House of Deréon fashion line bring in millions of dollars per year on top of the $86 million she grossed from a 90-plus date world tour.

3. Britney Spears

Estimated earnings: $64 million

Not long ago most of the entertainment world had written off Britney Spears as a celebrity flameout. But over the last year Spears logged the fifth-highest-grossing tour in the world, bringing in $130 million in gross box office receipts by playing 98 dates. High-profile endorsement deals with Elizabeth Arden and Candies’ prove that the public expects Spears to stay in the spotlight for good.

4. Lady Gaga

Estimated earnings: $62 million

A newcomer to this year’s Celebrity 100, Lady Gaga broke down the door to fame with outlandish outfits and quirky videos, including one that featured her and Beyoncé poisoning an unappreciative boyfriend. With a 106-date tour that grossed $95 million, Lady Gaga is also a marketer’s dream, teaming up with Polaroid, Virgin Mobile, Monster Cable and Viva Glam.

5. Madonna

Estimated earnings: $58 million

The Material Girl isn’t quite ready to cede her spot in pop music’s hierarchy to Lady Gaga or Britney Spears just yet. The 52-year-old singer had the fourth-highest-grossing tour of 2009, bringing in $6 million a night and $138 million overall. An episode of the Fox hit sitcom Glee, which featured cast members singing several of her songs, added to her already high profile, and publishing royalties cushioned her earnings.

6. Sandra Bullock

Estimated earnings: $56 million

With two hit movies (The Proposal and The Blind Side) and an Oscar win raising her profile, Bullock should have been sitting on top of the world. And she is, financially: With $56 million she’s the highest-earning actress in Hollywood. But a messy breakup with cheating husband Jesse James turned her into tabloid fodder. Bullock was able to overcome adversity with news of an adoption and a public return at the MTV Movie Awards.

7. Ellen DeGeneres

Estimated earnings: $55 million

In addition to her short-lived gig judging American Idol, DeGeneres remains host of her popular talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and lends her face to ad campaigns for American Express, CoverGirl and new entry Vitamin Water. In May she announced she was launching her own record label, eleveneleven, and promptly signed 12-year-old YouTube sensation Greyson Chance as her first artist. More recently she signed a multi-year production deal with Warner Bros., which will allow her to produce shows and social media projects with the studio.

8. Miley Cyrus

Estimated earnings: $48 million

The teen star behind Disney’s lucrative Hannah Montana franchise (now in its final season) has matured into a serious entertainment draw, averaging a nightly gross box office of $1.2 million across 57 tour dates. A starring role in the movieThe Last Song, heavy radio play for her hit “Party in the U.S.A.” and her cut from all of those T-shirts with her face on them add up to a large bump in her earnings over last year. But whether she can maintain that appeal without the Disney machine propping her up remains the $48 million question.

9  Taylor Swift

Estimated earnings: $45 million

The most-played artist on the radio in 2009, Swift’s 100 live dates during the last 12 months grossed $54 million. She’s one of the few artists who can still convince millions of fans to legally buy music–her Fearless album topped the 2009 sales charts, moving 3.2 million units, while fans downloaded another 12 million tracks from iTunes and Amazon. Major endorsement deals with Sony and CoverGirl helped her bottom line too. More recentlySpeak Now, her third and latest album, sold more than 1 million copies in its first week on shelves, making it the fastest-selling new record in five years.

10 Judge Judy Sheindlin

Estimated earnings: $45 million

While Oprah Winfrey is busy doling out gifts during her final season, daytime rival Judge Judy spends her television time administering tough love. The latter has proved a successful formula for the judge, who frequently trumps Winfrey in the ratings. Still better for the 68-year-old star: Her series brings in a cool $45 million for the year. America’s most-watched courtroom will enter its 15th season this fall.

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Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth, Age, House, Wiki, Bio, Height and Weight

Lisa Vanderpump


Full Name Lisa Jane Vanderpump
Nick Name Lisa Vanderpump
Occupation Restaurateur, Author, Actress, and Television personality
Net Worth approximately $65 Million

Personal Life

Date of Birth September 15, 1960
Age 64 years
Place of Birth Dartford, Kent, London, United Kingdom
Marital Status Married
Marriage Date 1982
Sun Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity English, 1/32 German, likely remote Dutch
Education Not Available


Father Name Not Available
Mother Name Not Available
Husband Ken Todd

Lisa Vanderpump husband

Children Daughter: Pandora Todd

Lisa Vanderpump daughter

Son: Max Todd

lisa vanderpump faimly

Brother Not Available

Lisa Vanderpump Height, Weight, Body and Measurements

Height Height in feet: 5 feet 4 inches
In cm: 165 cm
Height in meter: 1.65 m
Weight Weight in Kg: 56 kg

Weight in Pounds: 128 pounds

Age 66 years
Measurement 37-26-38 inches or 94-66-97 cm
Bra Size 34C
Dress Size 8  (US)
Shoe size 8  (US)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Sexuality Straight

Lisa Vanderpump was born on September 15, 1960 in Dartford, Kent, London, United Kingdom. she is an British American restaurateur, author, actress, and television personality, having nationality American and ethnicity English, 1/32 German, likely remote Dutch.

Lisa Vanderpump has been married to Ken Todd. They have Two children one adopted son Max Todd and one daughter Pandora Todd . Vanderpump was honored with a Gold Palm Superstar on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Lisa Vanderpump net worth US $65 million Her cash mainly coming in the restaurants she possesses and operates with Ken.

Lisa Vanderpump House

Lisa Vanderpump house (2)

Lisa Vanderpump house (2)

Lisa Vanderpump house (2)

Lisa Vanderpump house (2)


Some Lesser Known Facts About Lisa Vanderpump

  • Does Lisa Vanderpump smoke?: Not Known
  • Does Lisa Vanderpump drink alcohol?: Not Known
  • Lisa Vanderpump has an estimated net worth of $65 Million.
  • Lisa Vanderpump was a fulltime drama student by age nine.
  • She is the highest paid of all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump raked in $350,000 for the fourth season.
  • Lisa and Ken Todd adopted their child Max Todd when he was six months old.
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Ray Romano Net Worth, Wife, Family, Age, wiki, Children, Height and Weight

Ray Romano


Full Raymond Albert Romano
Nick Name Ray Romano
Ralph Lauren Net worth US$130 million
Occupation Comedian, Actor and Screenwriter

Ray Romano Height and Weight

Height Height in feet: 6 feet 2 inches
In cm: 189 cm
Height in meter: 1.88 m
Weight Weight in Kg: 80kg

Weight in Pounds: 176 pounds

Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Sexuality  Straight

Personal Life

Date of Birth December 21, 1957
Age 67 years
Place of Birth Queens, New York, United States
Marital Status Married
Sun Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian, French
Education Our Lady Queen of Martyrs school


Father Name Al Romano
Mother Name Lucie Romano
Wife Anna Romano

Ray Romano wife

Children Daughter: Alexandra Romano

Ray Romano Daughter

Sons: Joseph Romano, Gregory Romano, and Matthew Romano

Ray Romano Family

Brother Richard Romano,

Robert Romano

Ray Romano was born on December 21, 1957 in Queens, New York, United States. Ray Romano is an American actor, having nationality American and ethnicity whitened. Romano is standup comedian, a screenwriter and voice actor. Romano married his wife, Anna Scarpulla, in 1987.  Ray has two  brothers older brother named Richard and a younger brother Robert Romano. Ray Romano have four children three sons Joseph Romano, Gregory Romano, Matthew Romano and one daughter Alexandra Romano . Raymond received an Emmy Award, and as the voice of “Manny” in the Ice Age film series. Ray Romano net worth US$130 million.

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